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Something about me:

Andreas Schiefler

It was „Star Wars“and my mother who set the ball rolling in May 1978. We went together to see the movie and when we left the cinema I was still stoned and paralyzed, so my mother asked the lady at the counter, whether she could buy the movie poster for me. Less than one hour later the poster adorned my wall and was the first to be followed by masses of posters and pictures that I accumulated during the years.

Which collector doesn’t know these great moments: finding a suitcase full of movie posters and stills on the flea market, to rummage around for treasures in foreign garages, and always dreading the periodic eye contact with the girl friend who is becoming more and more annoyed by having to wait for you finishing just one more film shop.

Why this site? When I had my little daughter two years ago I was asking myself: what will happen if she will find no interest in movie memorabilia at all? This might be due to defiance on her side or she will simply consider collecting boring… when it’s time to go there will be no way to take it all with me anyway. But that doesn’t mean that I am ready to part from my collection of the Fantastic Film. Vincent Price, James Bond, Hammer Horror, Star Wars and the scary cinema until the early 70’s will remain in my collection for the time being, that’s for sure.

Why this name „Vintage Movie Posters“ as the name of the website? I consider myself a little bit vintage / old fashioned. I drive a car from 1956, live in a house from 1856, listen to the music from the 40’s to the early 60’s (crooner, jive, R’n’R, etc.). Sometimes I even d.j. this kind of music – all night long. I grease my hair and enjoy events like “Viva Las Vegas” or the “Rockabilly Rave”.

The Flyers to projects I’ m involved are “Delirio Italiano” and “Moving in Hot Boogie Nights”.

Hot Boogie Nights, Delirio Italiano, Monster machen Mobil, James Bond 007, Vintage Monsters

But if you asked me whether I would prefer to have lived in these times, I can only answer: No, never – I am now in the lucky position to be able to choose all the best from these decades – for example: my wife ;-)

June 2014; Andreas Schiefler